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Window Film Sales & Installation

3M Window Film Installation Benefits:

3M Window Films for Solar ControlWindow Films Stop UV Light from Fading Furniture

Solar Control window film and tinting keeps UV radiation from damaging your interiors. Ultraviolet light fades upholstery fabrics, carpeting and drapes, and cause hot spots within your home, office and vehicle. These slightly tinted window films will protect your furniture and fabrics by reflecting the sun's rays.

3M Window Films Reduce Energy Costs with Passive Heating & Cooling

UV light coming through untreated windows will heat your building and make your air conditioning system work harder. Solar Control Window Film reduces up to 99% of UV rays and reject up to 79% of the solar heat that could enter through the glass.

During the frigid winters in Wisconsin, window films keep heat from escaping and reduce heat loss up to 35%. 3M Prestige Window Films are the most advanced film on the market!

Decorative Window Films are Stylish

Decorative window films are designed to not only provide UV protection and additional security, but the numerous patterns and designs can completely update the look of ordinary glass to any home, office or government building. The can be used on the interior of a building to add decorative interest or used externally for modernization.

NuVision offers color window films to brighten your home or business. Working with Solar Graphics, there are more than 84 colors available in a variety of styles and textures.

3M Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Films are SecureSecurity Window Film Damage Resistance

3M Scotchshield Safety & Security Window Films Ultra Series add an extra layer of security to your glass. Window films can protect your glass from shattering during a storm or inclement weather. It can also keep the glass in one place and not become airborne during a bomb blast, vandalism, terrorism, and smash and grab attempts. This is why more and more commercial and government buildings are being retrofitted with window films. Home owners feel more secure from family injury by inadvertent outside objects shattering glass as well as sharp shards from high winds, thunder storms and home burglaries.

Schools are also having NuVision install Safety & Security Window Films to protect students and teachers from vandalism, severe weather, accidents, and intruders. Parents can rest easy knowing their children are safe at school thanks to our window film.

C-Bond Systems further strengthen windows by using nanotechnology engineering at the molecular level. Glass becomes more resistant and is safe for use in homes and businesses as it is non-toxic. NuVision is an exclusive dealer of C-Bond Systems.

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NuVision's window film professionals are happy to help you select the right film for your situation. We operate all over Wisconsin, from Milwaukee & Madison to Appleton & Green Bay, and everything in between. We also serve Northern Illinois including all of Chicago.

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