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Referral Agent Program

Referral Agent Program

Become a Referral Agent Today!

The 3M Referral Agent Program helps spread awareness of all the amazing window film products NuVision has to offer for homes and businesses.

If your business deals with homeowners, you can become a Referral Agent! The following industries are the most likely to benefit from our program:

  • Interior Designers - 3M Window Films give homes protection from UV rays, which preventing fading in furniture, carpets, and fabrics. Window films do not affect the appearance of the window like blinds or drapes, making them an ideal solution for interior decorators who need to protect furnishings without changing the overall look of a room.
  • Window Treatment, Cleaning, and Installation Professionals - Windows with 3M window films require no special maintenance, making them easy to clean. If you are in the window industry, you probably have a lot of customers asking about V protection, draft prevention, and security. Recommend 3M window films as part of our NuVision referral program!
  • Blind Shops - When a customer has blinds installed in their windows, they’ll want to know they’ve made a sound investment. The safety and security offered by 3M window films will give them peace of mind.
  • Flooring Installers - Wood, tile, and laminate floors are all subject to fading due to sun and UV light exposure. Window film prevents fading, increasing the lifespan on new flooring.
  • Furniture Stores - From dining room tables to living room couches, homeowners want to know the colors of their new furniture pieces will last. Assure them their furniture will be protected from UV and fading with 3M window film.
  • Locksmiths and Home Security Professionals - 3M Safety and Security Window Films hold broken glass in place, deterring would be intruders and thieves by making break-ins more difficult. Tinted window films also add additional privacy to the home day and night.

What Are the Benefits for Businesses in the Referral Program?

There are various incentives for area businesses to join our Referral Program. Referral Agents receive a better customer reputation as they go above and beyond by helping out their clients, and receive referrals back from NuVision.

Agents go through an on-boarding process to better understand NuVision services and 3M products. You don’t have to become an overnight expert, just know enough to direct your customers in the right direction.

How Referral Works

Tell your customers about various 3M window film products. If they want to learn more about our services, send their contact information to our NuVision dealers. From there, we handle everything from the sale to installation. When it’s done, you receive payment. It’s that easy!

With many referral programs, you’re stuck acting as a salesman for someone else’s products and services. Referral Agents for 3M don’t have to push a sale to get a commission, they simply have to help their customers out and share their information with us. If we don’t make the sale, it’s not your fault.

When to Recommend NuVision Services:

  • Customers ask about protecting their furniture from fading
  • Customers ask about theft and break-in deterrents
  • Customer wants to lower their heating/cooling bill
  • Customer wants better energy efficiency

If you have customer regularly asking these questions, you’re an ideal Referral Agent!

To join our Referral Program, contact our window film experts today.
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