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NuVision Window and Film Graphics provides professional 3M window coating throughout northern Illinois, including Chicago. We provide superior window filming and tinting for your home, automobile, office, and commercial building. There are many different coatings with different benefits, from blocking UV rays to additional safety, privacy, and security, add privacy. They can even add decorative flare in every aspect of your life.

Stop Damage from UV Rays

Homes and businesses along Lake Michigan want to take full advantage of the view. However, the water can reflect sunlight through your windows. Overexposure to the sun’s rays can cause furniture to fade,  raise temperatures, and have health effects on those inside. With neutral and tinted window film installed by NuVision, you can enjoy the lakefront without experiencing harsh glares or damage from UV rays during the day. 

Windy City Window Savings

For many Chicago high rises, updating their building exterior is an unaffordable impossibility. Closing down the building for construction and renovations is not an option, yet leaving an outdated façade lowers the likelihood of new businesses wanting to lease or buy offices. To save on construction costs, business owners throughout Chicago turn to NuVision for building modernization using window film. This affordable solution not only improves the exterior appearance of your building, it increases energy efficiency and temperature regulation.

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Secure Your Home and Business with Window Coatings

3M Safety and Security Film from NuVision is specially designed to resist impacts, making vulnerable windows safer. Severe weather like tornadoes and hail can shatter your windows, letting rainwater and debris inside. Broken glass is also a serious threat to your safety.

Smash and grab burglars break through glass windows and doors to steal whatever’s on the other side. With security film, glass is able to stay intact. Tinted coatings will prevent potential thieves from seeing into your home or business.

Privacy Window Films for Chicago

Protect your business or home with privacy film coatings on your glass windows and doors. Learn more about privacy window films from NuVision.

Any building with lots of windows will benefit immensely from NuVision window film installation. Unprotected windows can cause drafts which make heating and cooling more expensive, while also allowing UV rays which can fade furnishings. Airports, hospitals, schools, and apartment complexes can all improve their energy efficiency with tinted or solar control window films.

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