3M Daylight Redirecting Film in Wisconsin & Northern Illinois


Daylight Redirecting Film from 3M brings more natural light into buildings without causing severe glare from harsh sunlight.

Micro-structured prisms within the film redirect incoming sunlight at an upward angle, causing the light to move onto the ceiling rather than down. This increases the overall amount of natural light in the building while preventing damage from direct sunlight. Have them installed at your home or business by the window film experts of NuVision.

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain. There is no special maintenance plan for windows with Daylight Redirecting Film. Once the films are installed by NuVision technicians, you just clean the windows the same way you did before the application.


Natural light has many benefits over artificial lighting, adding to the appeal of Daylight Redirecting Film. For starters, less energy is used when you have natural sunlight as lamps and overhead lights can be turned off. In fact, these window films can provide up to 52% lighting energy savings.

Sunlight helps people to stay awake and alert throughout the day. This increases overall productivity, a major benefit for businesses and schools. Exposure to natural light has also been proven to increase recovery time in hospital patients. With 3M Daylight Redirecting Film, you are able to take full advantage of sunlight without any of the drawbacks.



3M Daylight Redirecting Film IMPROVE YOUR OFFICE

Many commercial properties are turning to solar control film to increase worker happiness and productivity as well. When employees are stuck in the sun, they can experience headaches or migraines from the glare off their computer screens. Those sitting closest to the window can get sunburn or even sunstroke in extreme cases. Yet closing blinds or shades over the windows deprives the rest of room of all light, increasing energy usage from lamps and straining the eyes.

How do you find the right balance? Daylight Redirecting Window Film is the answer. Light which would have landed on the floor is redirected up to 40 feet away from the window, increasing the amount of total useable light in the room. For Midwestern businesses, taking advantage of sunlight is vital during winter months. Even as the days grow shorter, your office will still be full of light and energy.

3M Daylight Redirecting Film IMPROVE YOUR HOME

If Daylight Redirecting Film offers advantages at work, it offers even more at home. You get increased energy savings as you get more natural light throughout your house.

There’s no need for lamps or overhead lighting when you have plenty of sunlight. This is a major benefit during Wisconsin winters, when there’s less daylight.

Pair this with 3M Thinsulate window film for even more energy efficiency.

Using Daylight Redirecting Film in your home will also reduce the risk of sunburn or sunstroke while indoors. You get to enjoy the view without worrying for your health.

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