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At NuVision Window Film & Graphics we have a huge range of decorative window films, from pre-printed patterned films, frost and etched films to full custom printed designs and patterns using full color and white inks onto optically clear film.

Whatever your commercial requirements we have a decoative window film for your next project.
As well as the supply of decorative window films we offer a full design service and installation.

What Type Of Decorative Window Film Are You Interested In?

Turn Plain Glass into a Beautiful Design Feature

Our range of decorative films have been carefully selected to complement a variety of styles. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, our films will add to its visual appeal. They can also deliver benefits like privacy and shading, according to the level of transparency you select.

It only takes a little imagination to turn the plain glass you take for granted into a beautiful design feature. Read on to learn more about our decorative films and change your perspective on glass!

Frost Decorative Window Films

An attractive blend of privacy and style.

Our Frost Decorative Films allow you to add privacy without sacrificing daylight. Perfect if you have windows adjacent to the street, or facing onto neighboring homes, these films make overlooked spaces private, while complementing a variety of styles.

Our installers will show you a range of samples in your own home, making it easy for you to choose the look and level of privacy that suits your unique needs. Our frosted films come in a choice of finishes – including silvery, dusted, and etched. Different products achieve different levels of light diffusion and privacy, so you’re sure to find something that works for you.

Specialty Decorative Window Films

Set your creative juices flowing with our specialty films!

Our Specialty Decorative Window Films have the power to add instant drama to your home. Our opaque black and white films allow for bold masking effects. You can also choose between our translucent yellow, green, blue, and red films, or layer these up to achieve a still-wider variety of colors. These beautiful films color both your glass and the light that enters your home.

Our decorative films are suitable for various forms of glazing, from windows and glazed doors to interior surfaces like shower enclosures and mirrors. The diverse options available mean the only limit is the scope of your own imagination!

The Benefits of Decorative Window Film

Our films deliver the perfect blend of practical benefits and style

Obscure Eyesores

You don’t need to resort to curtains and shades; our films can obscure eyesores while still letting in daylight.

Add Privacy

Our products, like Solyx, provide a range of privacy levels, offering a quick and flexible way to make overlooked rooms private.

Soften Light

Bright, glaring light can make areas of our homes uncomfortable to live in, but our films can soften the light as it enters.

Add Style

From elegant and understated, through to colorful and bold, our films allow you to express yourself in style!

Update Easily

Decorative films are an easy and durable way to change the look of a room, but they can be removed quickly if your tastes change.

Avoid Replacing Glass

Specialty glass is eye-catching and highly prized, but installations can be expensive and inconvenient. Our films offer an affordable alternative to textured or etched glass.

Decorative Window Films

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