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NuVision Window Film & Graphics offer a range of Architectural Films which provide the perfect solution for the commercial and shop fitting sector these amazing films allow quick and easy transformation of any surface.

Perfect for covering everything from furniture, walls and glass. Ideal for transforming existing spaces and creating sophisticated looking displays in wood, leather, stone as well as some amazing patterns.

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What Type Of Architectural Finish Film Are You Interested In?

NuVision Architectural Finishes

NuVision is delighted to offer an exceptional range of innovative surface-finishing solutions. Available in a variety of visually appealing styles, our architectural finishes provide an instant lift to any space and form a valuable alternative to conventional architectural or interior design solutions. Used either independently or alongside our decorative glass finishes, these architectural finishes can instantly redefine the unique ambiance of virtually any environment.

How Our Architectural Finishes Work

We supply and professionally apply both Belbien and 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes. These solutions are incredibly simple, affordable, and eco-friendly. The high-grade self-adhesive materials can be applied to a diverse range of interior and exterior surfaces, providing an instant facelift for walls and partitions, ceilings, doors, cupboards and fixed units, bars, columns, counters, nurse stations, facades, and more.

Instead of being removed and replaced, tired or unfashionable surfaces can simply be revived – saving the cost, disruption, and environmental impact of a standard refit. This benefit is especially valuable to businesses that would incur costly downtime as a result of a typical renovation project. In many cases, a business can stay open throughout the application.
Our architectural finishes look and perform beautifully in environments as diverse as offices, conference rooms, lobbies, department stores, restaurants, banks, hotels, hospitals, rest rooms, elevators – the possibilities are endless.

Innovative Solutions

As an innovative solution, NuVision architectural finishes offer a perfect way for businesses including interior design companies, architectural firms, and building contractors to expand their portfolios. The finishes’ green and budget-friendly credentials make them perfect for projects where public perception and value for money are key concerns.

The Benefits in a Nutshell

  • 900+ patterns to choose from
  • Virtually unlimited uses
  • An instant alternative to existing surfaces
  • Strong adhesion and excellent flexibility
  • Easy, fast, and non-disruptive application
  • A high-end yet cost-effective finish
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
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