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NuVision Window Films are a 3M Window Films Dealer & Installer and proudly serve Milwaukee, Madison and surrounding Wisconsin areas.

We supply and fit a huge range of 3M Window Films including 3M Prestige Window Films, 3M Ultra Security Window Films, 3M Night Vision Window Films, 3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film, 3M Thinsulate Window Films and the 3M Fasara range of decorative window films.

Say ‘Yes’ to Sunshine; Say ‘No’ to Sun Damage, Heat, and UV

It’s time to come out from behind the curtains and ditch the drab shades. Our solar-control window films offer an unobtrusive alternative, allowing you to enjoy light and views, while shielding your home from UV rays and glare.

Our window films also provide varying grades of heat reduction. You can choose the level you need based on your location, sun exposure, and how much you want to reduce your air-con costs! And the benefits aren’t purely practical; our films come with several finishes, from clear to tinted – or even mirrored, for the ultimate privacy.

Our Solar-Control Installation Service

At NuVision, we supply and install a diverse range of solar-control window films. Our range includes products that deliver varied grades of protection, allowing you to choose a solution that works – and looks – best in the context of your own home. Key benefits of our solar-control films include heat-blocking technology, glare reduction, and protection from damaging UV rays.

UV-Reducing Films

UV protection is one of our products’ most in-demand features. Not only can UV harm our skin and damage our eyesight, it’s also a serious threat to our homes’ interior fittings. Carpets and curtains, furniture and upholstery are easily damaged; even valuable paintings and antiques can be affected.

It’s important to understand that UV exposure isn’t the only threat. Heat and light can also cause damage, but by reducing UV we can significantly prolong the lifespan of soft furnishings and other contents in our homes. At NuVision, our UV-reducing films offer varied degrees of protection, and different levels of tinting. Our most powerful films can achieve UV-reduction levels of up to 99%.

The Benefits of Solar Window Film

Glare Reduction

Minimize glare throughout your home to prevent eyestrain and headaches when focusing on your computer, smartphone, or TV.

Heat Reflecting

Our films block heat before it enters your home, regulating temperatures and avoiding the extreme fluctuations that result from large areas of glazing.

Energy Saving

Avoiding temperature extremes can reduce your dependence on expensive air-con systems. Our films offer an affordable, eco-friendly, long-term solution.

UV Reduction

Sunlight is beautiful and healthy, but UV rays are a hidden risk. Reduce the threat without blocking out the light; our films reduce UV by up to 99%.

Fade Protection

Prolong the life of your carpets, curtains, upholstery, ornaments, and art, by minimizing damaging sun exposure.

Reclaim Your Home

If heat, glare, and the risks of UV light are preventing you from using rooms in your home, then our solar-control films are the perfect solution.

3M Window Films

Choose the Right Window Film for You

Our experts are available to advise you on the most suitable window film, based on what you want to achieve and the type of glazing in your home. Samples of our products are available, on demand. Simply fill out our contact form to request the type of window film you’d like to receive, or to speak to an expert.

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