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The Ultimate Shield for Your Property

Elevate the safety and security of your property with the 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems.

The IPA (Impact Protection Attachment) systems are specialized structural adhesives designed to work seamlessly with Security Window Films. Their primary function is to securely anchor the film and glass into the window frame, enhancing safety and ensuring optimal performance during impact events.

Designed to defend against extreme weather conditions, bomb blasts, and break-ins, this unique solution not only offers unparalleled protection against external threats but also minimizes the risk of glass-related injuries. With a reputation backed by 3M’s industry-leading adhesive technology and top-tier safety films, this system promises enhanced protection and peace of mind for both residential and commercial properties.


During severe weather, 3M Safety and Security Protective Window Film holds the glass together to maintain the integrity of your home. Even if heavy debris hits the window directly, glass shards are held in place. This prevents flying glass from harming inhabitants and, in many circumstances, keeps out wind and rain.


Whether for homes or businesses, the 3M Impact Protection Systems have specific advantages tailored to your needs:

  • Residential: Act as a bulwark protecting families from potential threats, be it natural calamities or burglaries.
  • Commercial: Apart from providing elevated security levels, businesses might also benefit from potential reductions in insurance premiums due to the enhanced structural resilience this system offers.


3M  Impact Protection Attachment (IPA) Sealant

This product is designed to maximize the efficacy of the 3M Safety and Security Window Films. Combining the durability of the film with an edge retention system, it offers robust protection against impacts from sources such as bomb blasts and forced entries. Key benefits include superior tear, elongation, tensile strength, and anchoring the filmed glass firmly to the window frame. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring the building envelope remains intact even when the glass is shattered.


IPP elevates the performance of the 3M Safety & Security Window Film. It merges 3M’s patented micro-layer safety film with their world-class adhesive expertise and a high-strength, flexible polymer attachment.

This synergistic approach shields against impacts from threats like severe weather, earthquakes, and bomb blasts. Some highlights include minimal cure time offering immediate protection, reduced odor, mess-free installation, and a refined, clean finish.


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