Milwaukee & Madison, WI 3M Scotchgard Pro Series Matte Paint Protection Film from NuVision Window Film & Graphics


Using the Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series Matter, you will be able to personalise the gloss finish of your vehicle or protect the matte finish.

This comes with a formula that delivers self-healing that ensures minor scratches disappear with no assistance. You will also benefit from paint protection, ensuring your paintwork isn’t affected by scratches or chips while the satin finish looks sleek. You can create accent stripes, full bonnet or even opt for a full wrap.


Self-Healing with Heat Activation

From light scratches to swirl marks, the tough top layer reacts to heat to help remove these marks without your assistance.

Smart Satin Look

Pro Series Matte has been created to protect your matte factory finish while you can transform your gloss finish into a satin look. With the Pro Series Matte, you won’t experience the chalky appearance that comes with other matte films, protecting its appearance.

Simple Maintenance 

It can be challenging to repair and maintain factor flat finishes and they are expensive. With the Pro Series Matte, you will be able to maintain your finish easily and you will benefit from chip protection thanks to the 8mm thick Pro Series film.

3M ADHESIVE Avoids Edge Lifting

Many other films suffer from edge lifting but 3M adhesive ensures that the Pro Series remains in place once it is applied. This ensures that your paintwork remains protected. 


Pro Series Matte comes with a 10-year warranty that is backed by 3M and this ensures that your film will never turn yellow.

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