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Case Study: 1-Way Mirror Solution for the Wells Building

NuVision Window Film & Graphics recently took on a distinctive project at the historic Wells Building, located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee at 324 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Tasked with concealing mechanicals in a new build-out without sacrificing aesthetics or natural light, NuVision employed a creative solution using 3M 1-way mirror film. This case study explores the functionality of 1-way mirror film and provides an overview of the project, detailing the challenges, solutions, and outcomes that underscore NuVision’s expertise in bespoke window film applications.

1-Way Mirror Film: Wells Building

Understanding 1-Way Mirror Film:

1-way mirror film, also known as one-way privacy window film, is a type of window film designed to offer privacy while allowing light to pass through. During daylight hours, the exterior side of the film reflects light, creating a mirror-like appearance that prevents outsiders from seeing in. From the inside, however, the film is designed to be see-through, allowing occupants to view the outside without obstruction. This unique property is achieved through a careful balance of metals within the film that reflect light on one side while allowing visibility from the other, depending on the lighting conditions.

Project Overview:

Objective: The main goal for the Wells Building project was to effectively conceal mechanical equipment added during a recent build-out. The challenge was to do so in a manner that maintained the building’s architectural integrity and allowed for natural light to permeate the space, ensuring a pleasant and productive environment for its occupants.

Challenges: The primary challenge lay in integrating a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, privacy solution that blended seamlessly with the building’s historic facade. Additionally, the project demanded a non-invasive solution that could be implemented without significant structural changes, preserving the building’s historical significance.

Solution: NuVision proposed the installation of 3M 1-way mirror film as the ideal solution to meet the project’s unique requirements. This innovative film provided the necessary privacy to conceal the mechanicals from the outside, while its reflective properties contributed to the building’s aesthetic appeal. Importantly, the film’s transparency from the inside ensured that natural light could continue to illuminate the interior spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere for building occupants.

Implementation: The installation process was carefully planned and executed by NuVision’s team of skilled professionals. Given the Wells Building’s prominence and busy location in downtown Milwaukee, it was crucial to conduct the installation with minimal disruption to the building’s daily operations. NuVision’s technicians worked efficiently and discreetly, ensuring the project was completed within the stipulated timeframe and with the highest level of craftsmanship.


  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The 3M 1-way mirror film not only concealed the mechanicals but also added a modern touch to the building’s historic exterior, enhancing its overall curb appeal.
  • Preserved Natural Light: The solution allowed for an abundance of natural light to enter the building, maintaining a bright and welcoming environment for the occupants.
  • Increased Privacy: The mechanicals were effectively hidden from outside view, achieving the project’s primary objective without the need for bulky structures or permanent alterations.
  • Non-Invasive Installation: NuVision’s approach ensured that the building’s architectural integrity was preserved, showcasing the team’s ability to innovate within the constraints of historic preservation.


NuVision Window Film & Graphics’ recent project at the Wells Building in downtown Milwaukee highlights the versatility and effectiveness of 3M 1-way mirror film in addressing unique privacy and aesthetic challenges. Through meticulous planning and skilled execution, NuVision has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients, reaffirming their position as a leader in the window film and graphics industry. This project serves as a testament to the potential of innovative window film solutions to enhance the functionality and appearance of historic and modern buildings alike, offering a blend of privacy, aesthetics, and light control that benefits occupants and owners.

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