Case Study: Custom Decorative White Frost at Milwaukee Art Museum

Case Study: Custom Decorative White Frost at Milwaukee Art Museum

In a project that stands at the intersection of art and technology, NuVision Window Film and Graphics was commissioned to undertake a sophisticated installation at the Milwaukee Art Museum, an architectural landmark designed by Santiago Calatrava. The task was to design, print, and install a custom print decorative white frost privacy film on the museum’s glass facades. This project was uniquely challenging, involving precision replication of existing oversized glass panes using a PVC Free PET window film, underscoring NuVision’s commitment to innovative solutions and environmental responsibility.

Custom Print Decorative White Frost Privacy Film: Milwaukee Art Museum

Project Overview

Location: Milwaukee Art Museum, 700 N. Art


The Milwaukee Art Museum, with its striking architecture by Calatrava, required a window film solution that not only respected but also complemented its design ethos. The primary challenge was the replication of the museum’s existing oversized glass panels to ensure a seamless integration of the new privacy film. The project demanded a high degree of accuracy and aesthetic sensitivity, alongside the need to navigate the logistical complexities associated with handling and installing film on large glass surfaces. Additionally, the insistence on using PVC Free PET window film presented material constraints that demanded a thoughtful approach to meet the project’s sustainability and performance criteria.


NuVision Window Film and Graphics approached the project with a comprehensive strategy, beginning with an in-depth analysis of the museum’s architectural nuances and existing glass installations. Utilizing cutting-edge graphic design tools, the team achieved a near-perfect replication of the existing glass patterns, ensuring that the custom-printed film would harmoniously blend with the museum’s iconic design.

The selection of a PVC Free PET window film was critical, aligning with the museum’s commitment to sustainability without compromising the film’s quality or durability. This material choice not only supported environmental goals but also provided the required aesthetic finish and privacy control, crucial for maintaining the museum’s visual and functional integrity.

The installation process was meticulously planned and executed, employing specialized techniques tailored to the challenges of oversized glass panels. The team’s expertise allowed for precise application, ensuring that each panel of the custom-printed decorative film was flawlessly integrated into the museum’s expansive glass surfaces.


The installation of the custom print decorative white frost privacy film at the Milwaukee Art Museum was a resounding success. NuVision Window Film and Graphics delivered a solution that flawlessly matched the existing glass, achieving a seamless aesthetic continuity that enhanced the museum’s privacy without detracting from its architectural beauty. The use of PVC Free PET window film not only met the project’s environmental and health safety standards but also exceeded expectations in terms of visual appeal and durability.

The project significantly contributed to the museum’s ambiance, providing an elegant privacy solution that complements Calatrava’s design. The museum’s staff and visitors have praised the film’s quality and the subtle enhancement it brings to the space, marking the project as a benchmark in the integration of functional art and environmental sustainability.


This case study exemplifies NuVision Window Film and Graphics’ ability to address complex challenges through innovative solutions. The successful installation of the custom print decorative white frost privacy film at the Milwaukee Art Museum underscores the company’s commitment to excellence, environmental responsibility, and aesthetic sensitivity. It highlights the potential of combining cutting-edge technology with creative design to enhance architectural landmarks, setting a new standard for future projects in the field of window film installations.

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