A NuVision Case Study: Custom Privacy Window Film Installation Improved Privacy & Brand Image for a Milwaukee, WI Office Building

Case Study: Customizing Privacy with NuVision Digitally Printed Window Film at Three Leaf Partners

Three Leaf Partners, an innovative business located at 504 W. Juneau Ave, Milwaukee, WI – just a stone’s throw from the iconic Fiserv Forum, home to the Milwaukee Bucks – recently enlisted the services of NuVision Window Film & Graphics to upgrade their privacy solutions. The project involved the application of NuVision’s unique digitally printed custom window film, offering an exclusive blend of privacy, aesthetics, and brand representation.

Three Leaf Partners operates in a bustling, high-visibility location, which, while providing an exciting energy, also presented challenges in terms of privacy. The company desired a solution that would not only offer seclusion but would also resonate with their unique brand image.

Given the unique requirements of Three Leaf Partners, NuVision suggested their digitally printed custom window film. This cutting-edge product provides a privacy solution while allowing businesses to showcase custom designs, logos, or images on their windows, offering a visually appealing and brand-aligned look.


The NuVision team designed a custom pattern for Three Leaf Partners, capturing the company’s brand essence while ensuring optimal privacy. This design was then digitally printed onto the window film in high resolution, creating a striking and unique aesthetic feature.

The installation process was seamless and professional, minimizing disruption to the busy office space. NuVision’s team meticulously applied the custom film to the windows, ensuring perfect alignment and a flawless finish.

Post-installation, Three Leaf Partners reported a substantial increase in privacy and a significant enhancement to their office aesthetics. The custom film served as a talking point for both clients and employees, adding to the company’s dynamic and creative environment.

This project showcases NuVision’s capability to deliver personalized, high-quality window film solutions that do more than just provide privacy. The successful execution of the custom window film at Three Leaf Partners underlines the potential of such solutions to enhance brand image and create a unique ambiance. NuVision’s commitment to customization and client satisfaction has once again proven to result in a successful collaboration and a vastly improved workspace environment.

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