A NuVision Case Study: 3M Fasara Milano Window Film Installation Boosted Privacy of a Waterford, WI Dental Clinic

Case Study: Enhancing Privacy with 3M Fasara Milano Window Film at Waterford Dental

NuVision Window Film & Graphics, a trusted industry leader in window film solutions, recently completed a transformative project at Waterford Dental, located at 107 W. Main St., Waterford, WI. The project involved the application of 3M Fasara Milano window film to augment privacy while maintaining the aesthetical charm of the dental clinic.

Waterford Dental, a reputable dental practice known for its dedication to patient comfort, recognized the need for increased privacy in its facilities. While the clinic’s large windows let in natural light and created an open, welcoming atmosphere, they also made some patients feel exposed. The challenge for NuVision was to boost privacy without sacrificing the natural light that made the clinic so inviting.

After a detailed analysis of the clinic’s needs, NuVision recommended the 3M Fasara Milano window film – a product known for its ability to provide privacy and enhance aesthetics without blocking natural light.


The 3M Fasara Milano window film is a top-tier product with a beautifully etched, frosted appearance. The film subtly scatters light, thereby increasing privacy by obscuring direct views without diminishing light levels. The Milano variant, with its distinctive, elegant pattern, was a perfect choice to complement Waterford Dental’s modern interior design.

The NuVision team professionally installed the film, ensuring minimal disruption to Waterford Dental’s daily operations. They applied the film meticulously, leaving no bubbles or creases, and ensuring the film perfectly fit the windows’ dimensions.

Post-installation, Waterford Dental has reported significant improvements in patient comfort and satisfaction. The 3M Fasara Milano window film has proven to be the perfect balance of privacy and openness, achieving the exact effect the clinic sought. Furthermore, the film’s elegant design has added a new layer of sophistication to the clinic’s aesthetics.

This project underscores NuVision’s commitment to customized, client-centric solutions. The successful implementation of the 3M Fasara Milano window film at Waterford Dental serves as an excellent example of how the right window film can enhance privacy and aesthetic appeal in a professional setting. The collaboration between NuVision and Waterford Dental has resulted in a more comfortable environment for patients, demonstrating the profound impact of strategic, aesthetic improvements in healthcare settings.

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