A NuVision Case Study: Custom Gradient Window Film Installation Enhanced Aesthetics & Functionality at an Elm Grove, WI Sports Club

Case Study: Enhancing Western Racket Club’s Aesthetics and Functionality

NuVision Window Film & Graphics, a renowned company specializing in window film and graphic solutions, recently undertook a project for Western Racket Club, located at 1800 Highland Drive, Elm Grove, WI. This case study examines the design, printing, and installation process of a custom gradient window film across 1000 sq. ft of glass area in Western Racket Club, highlighting the challenges, solutions, and the subsequent benefits.

Western Racket Club


Western Racket Club is a prestigious establishment offering a range of facilities for sport and wellness. The management wanted to enhance both the functional and aesthetic aspects of their club and sought an innovative solution for their expansive glass windows.


Project Objectives:

1. To create an appealing visual atmosphere within the club.

2. To increase the privacy of certain areas without compromising natural light.



1. Meeting the aesthetic preferences of the club management.

2. Ensuring the project is completed without disrupting the daily activities of the club.


1. Custom Design: NuVision conducted a series of consultations with the club management to understand their needs and preferences. The final design was a custom gradient window film that seamlessly blended with the club’s interiors while meeting their requirements for aesthetics and privacy.

2. Printing: NuVision used state-of-the-art printing technology to ensure that the custom gradient design was replicated perfectly onto the window film. High-quality materials were used to guarantee longevity and performance.

3. Installation: The installation process was meticulously planned and executed during off-peak hours to minimize disruptions to the club’s activities. The experienced team of NuVision efficiently applied the film to approximately 1000 sq. ft of glass without any setbacks.


1. Enhanced Aesthetics: The custom gradient film transformed the club’s ambiance. The gradual transition of colors added a sense of depth and sophistication to the interiors.

2. Increased Privacy: The gradient design provided additional privacy to specific areas of the club without significantly reducing natural light.

3. Positive Feedback: Members and staff of Western Racket Club expressed their appreciation for the new look and the improved comfort levels within the facility.


The successful completion of this project by NuVision Window Film & Graphics demonstrated their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. The custom gradient window film not only met but exceeded the expectations of Western Racket Club’s management. It positively impacted the aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and privacy of the establishment, proving that window films can be a versatile solution for enhancing a space both functionally and visually.

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