A NuVision Case Study: Custom Decorative Window Film Installation Added Privacy & Aesthetic Appeal at a Franklin, WI Restaurant

Custom Decorative Window Film as Artistic Enhancements for Privacy and Aesthetic Appeal: A Case Study at Brick Pizzeria & Ristorante

 Brick Pizzeria & Ristorante, situated at 7065 S. Ballpark Dr, Franklin, WI 53132, recently collaborated with NuVision Window Films for an exterior enhancement project. The primary goal was to add privacy for diners while augmenting the aesthetic appeal of the restaurant. The collaboration resulted in the installation of a custom print decorative window film that not only achieved the intended objectives but also contributed positively to the overall ambiance of the establishment.

Brick Pizzeria & Ristorante

Project Background

Brick Pizzeria & Ristorante, known for its delightful ambiance, sought to provide its diners with a more intimate and private dining experience. Additionally, they wanted to ensure that the solution employed harmonized with the overall décor and theme of the restaurant. As a result, the restaurant decided to install a custom decorative window film to the exterior glass.

Partner Selection: Brick Pizzeria & Ristorante selected NuVision Window Films, an industry expert in window solutions, to take on this project. NuVision’s reputation for delivering high-quality window wraps and window art made them the ideal partner.


The designer conceptualized an appealing design comprising of a brick pattern, signifying the name ‘Brick Pizzeria,’ coupled with a gradient gold color, adding a touch of elegance. This design was provided to NuVision Window Films for printing and installation. 


NuVision Window Films executed the project with precision. The custom decorative window film was printed with the provided design, ensuring that the details were meticulously replicated. NuVision’s professional team then handled the installation, attaching the film to the exterior glass surfaces of the restaurant. 


The installation of the custom decorative window film dramatically transformed the façade of Brick Pizzeria & Ristorante. The brick pattern beautifully blended with the restaurant’s theme, and the gradient gold color added a luxurious touch. The window wraps achieved the dual objective of ensuring privacy for the diners and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. 

Customer Feedback

Brick Pizzeria & Ristorante’s management and diners expressed satisfaction and admiration for the newly-installed window art. The management particularly appreciated NuVision’s seamless installation process and the quality of the window film, while diners enjoyed the added privacy and enhanced ambiance. 


The collaboration between Brick Pizzeria & Ristorante and NuVision Window Films demonstrates the potential of custom decorative window films as an innovative solution for privacy and aesthetic enhancements. The successful execution of this project serves as an exemplary case of how window wraps and window art can effectively transform spaces while aligning with the client’s vision and objectives.

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