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There are times when the world is a dangerous place. Hurricanes, tornadoes, severe winds, bomb blasts and even earthquakes can cause glass to shatter and send shards flying.

During these disasters, Safety and Security Window Films help keep flying glass from harming inhabitants and, in many circumstances, will help keep out wind and rain.

NuVision Window Film & Graphics supply and install 3M Safety and Security Window Films which also help you deter street crime. The advanced technology window film helps hold the glass in place, criminals don’t have the quick access they need to successfully smash and grab merchandise or break into your home.

We supply and fit an extensive range of safety and secuirty window films, security screens and security gates.

What Type Of Security Window Film Are You Interested In?

Safety and Security Window Films

Strengthen your glass and give your home a vital extra layer of defense

Our range of Safety and Security Films provide a transparent and unobtrusive way of strengthening glass. Engineered for maximum strength, our films are made from a heavy-duty polyester compound, and they achieve exceptional surface adhesion thanks to our use of high-grade adhesives. Treated windows can withstand a variety of impacts, without shattering.

So, why live with the risk of storm damage, a break-in, accident, or vandalism? Why settle for sun damage and heat buildup? Our films deliver the protection that you, your family, and your home deserve.

Clear Safety and Security Films

The robust affordable, no-hassle way to strengthen glass

Utterly discreet yet instantly effective, our Clear Safety and Security Films adds physical resilience to glass surfaces. Our diverse range makes it easy to select the level of puncture strength and shatter resistance you need, based on your circumstances, risk factors, and budget.

The heavy-duty polyester film adheres invisibly to the inside surface of the glass and delivers exceptional protection from threats including hurricanes, tornadoes, break-ins, and household accidents. Protect yourself today and enjoy peace of mind in the long term.

Security Window Films

Solar Safety and Security Film

For exceptional protection from physical damage, UV rays, and heat

Windows let light into our homes, and offer views of the outside world. They also admit dangerous UV rays, cause heat buildup, and offer an access point for burglars.

Blinds and shutters only offer a partial solution; our Solar Safety and Security Film delivers a superior end result. The film provides a powerful upgrade to your existing windows’ strength, while also reflecting heat and blocking UV rays. Booking a professional installation is the perfect cost-effective alternative to re-glazing – and could save you much more than money alone.

The Advantages of Safety and Security Window Film

5 ways our films protect your glass – without compromising your home’s curb appeal

Enhanced Shatter Resistance

If film-coated glass shatters, the film can still hold the fragments together. That’s why a treated window will often remain intact, even when the glass is broken.

Superior Security

Most thieves like an easy life, so if your windows resist shattering, many would-be intruders will move on and seek out a softer target.

Strom Protection

Flying debris is the number-one hazard posed by storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes; our films can prevent debris and shattered glass from causing injury.

UV Protection

Our Solar Safety and Security Film can block as much as 99% of the UV light that damages carpets and upholstery, and threatens our health.

Heat Reflecting

Areas behind glass can quickly become overly hot, but our films reflect heat back into the atmosphere, keeping your home cool and comfortable.

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