Case Study: Enhancing Privacy and Aesthetics at UMOS Satellite Location

Case Study: Enhancing Privacy and Aesthetics at UMOS Satellite Location

In a recent collaboration that showcases the intersection of functionality and visual appeal, NuVision Window Film & Graphics had the pleasure of working with UMOS, a distinguished organization dedicated to empowering communities. The project centered around the UMOS satellite location at 405 Main St, Racine, WI 53403, where there was a pronounced need for privacy without sacrificing the storefront’s inviting ambiance. This case study outlines the project’s objectives, challenges, solutions, and outcomes, reflecting on how NuVision met UMOS’s needs through customized window film graphics.


Project Overview

UMOS reached out to NuVision with a clear vision: to enhance privacy for their Racine satellite location while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. The challenge was to design, print, and install a window graphic that not only served the functional purpose of privacy but also aligned with UMOS’s identity and mission.


  • Enhance Privacy: The primary objective was to increase privacy for staff and visitors within the UMOS facility, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment.
  • Maintain Aesthetics: It was crucial to strike a balance between privacy and aesthetics, ensuring the solution would not detract from the building’s visual appeal.
  • Reflect UMOS’s Mission: The design needed to resonate with UMOS’s commitment to community empowerment, incorporating elements that reflect the organization’s values and ethos.


  • Designing for Dual Purposes: Creating a graphic that could provide privacy while also being visually engaging posed a unique design challenge.
  • Material Selection: Finding the right materials that offered durability, privacy, and vibrant print quality required meticulous selection and testing.
  • Installation Precision: The installation process demanded high precision to ensure the graphic aligned perfectly with the storefront’s windows, avoiding any aesthetic or functional flaws.


  • Collaborative Design Process: NuVision’s design team worked closely with UMOS to develop a concept that captured the organization’s spirit. The result was a vibrant window graphic that featured motifs representative of community and empowerment.
  • Advanced Printing Technology: Utilizing state-of-the-art printing technology, NuVision produced a window graphic with rich colors and sharp details, ensuring the design’s visual impact was maximized.
  • Expert Installation: NuVision’s experienced installation team meticulously applied the graphic to the storefront’s windows, ensuring a seamless finish that met all functional and aesthetic requirements.


The project was a resounding success, achieving all its objectives with outstanding results:

  • Enhanced Privacy: The installed window graphic significantly improved privacy for the UMOS satellite location, creating a more secure and comfortable environment.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The vibrant design transformed the storefront, enhancing its curb appeal and inviting atmosphere.
  • Mission Alignment: The graphic served as a visual representation of UMOS’s commitment to community empowerment, reinforcing the organization’s presence and impact in Racine.


The collaboration between UMOS and NuVision Window Film & Graphics exemplifies how practical needs like privacy can be met without compromising on aesthetic values. Through a blend of creative design, advanced technology, and meticulous installation, NuVision delivered a solution that not only met but exceeded UMOS’s expectations. This project stands as a testament to the power of innovative visual solutions in enhancing both the functionality and appeal of community-focused organizations.

NuVision is proud to have contributed to UMOS’s mission, demonstrating the transformative potential of customized window film graphics. We look forward to future opportunities to merge functionality with creativity, supporting organizations in their quest to create welcoming and secure spaces.

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