A NuVision Case Study: Custom Window Decal Installation Visually Enhanced Brand Identity for a Milwaukee, WI Eatery

Case Study: NuVision Window Film and Graphics Enhances Brand Identity of Cream City Social Eatery Through Custom Window Decals

Cream City Social Eatery, located at 432 E. Center St, Milwaukee, WI, sought to enhance its brand identity and improve its visual appeal. They approached NuVision Window Film and Graphics, a renowned Milwaukee-based company specializing in custom window films and graphics, to create and install window decals featuring the eatery’s logo.

Cream City Social Eatery

The Challenge

Cream City Social Eatery faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive food and beverage market. They needed an effective solution that would not only beautify their storefront but also reinforce their brand to attract more customers.

The Solution

NuVision Window Film and Graphics collaborated with Cream City Social Eatery to design custom window decals that showcased the eatery’s logo and color scheme. The window decals were made using high-quality materials, ensuring they would be durable and retain their vibrant colors. After the design phase was complete, NuVision expertly installed the window decals at Cream City Social Eatery’s premises.

Benefits of Branding Using Window Decals

1. Enhanced Brand Visibility:

With the new window decals prominently displaying the logo, Cream City Social Eatery's brand became more visible to passersby. This increased the chances of spontaneous visits from people who may not have otherwise noticed the eatery.

2. Aesthetic Appeal:

The custom-designed window decals added a fresh and modern look to the storefront. This aesthetic enhancement made the establishment more inviting, which is crucial in the food and beverage industry.

3. Cost-Effective Advertising:

Window decals are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising. By installing the decals, Cream City Social Eatery ensured continuous exposure of its brand without any recurring costs.

4. Fostering Brand Recognition:

As the decals were installed on the eatery’s windows, regular customers and residents in the area began to associate the logo and brand elements with Cream City Social Eatery. This fostered brand recognition and loyalty.

5. Customization:

NuVision's capability to create custom designs allowed the eatery to convey its brand's personality and values through the decals, helping to create a bond with its target audience.


By partnering with NuVision Window Film and Graphics, Cream City Social Eatery transformed its storefront with custom window decals. This not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the establishment but also significantly bolstered brand visibility and recognition. The window decals proved to be a cost-effective and impactful branding solution, demonstrating the value of window graphics for businesses looking to strengthen their brand identity.

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