A NuVision Case Study: 3M Night Vision 15 Window Film Installation Reduced Excessive Heat & Glare in a New Berlin, WI Office Building

Case Study: Pieper Electric's Smart Investment in Commercial Window Tinting

Pieper Electric, a reputable electrical contractor located at 5477 S Westridge Ct, New Berlin, WI 53151, recently took a strategic step to improve its corporate office’s environment. Acknowledging the importance of employee comfort and energy efficiency, the company contracted NuVision Window Film & Graphics to apply 3M Night Vision 15 window film. This case study aims to highlight the key aspects of this project and assess its impact on Pieper Electric’s workplace.

Pieper Electric

The Problem:

Pieper Electric’s corporate office, situated in New Berlin, faced challenges concerning excessive heat and glare due to the large windows in their building. This not only affected employee productivity but also escalated cooling costs, especially during the summer.

Solution: Commercial Window Tinting

Recognizing the potential benefits of commercial window tinting, Pieper Electric sought the expertise of NuVision Window Film & Graphics, a reputed service provider specializing in window film solutions. They opted for the 3M Night Vision 15 window film, well-regarded for its superior heat reduction and glare control properties.

Project Implementation:

NuVision’s team of professionals meticulously carried out the commercial window tinting process, ensuring that the 3M Night Vision 15 window film was seamlessly applied to all the windows in Pieper Electric’s corporate office. The choice of this particular film was pivotal, as it offers excellent solar control while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the building.


Reduced Heat and Glare: The application of 3M Night Vision 15 window film substantially cut down the heat and glare penetrating through the windows. This led to a more comfortable working environment, conducive to enhanced employee productivity.

Energy Savings: With the reduction in heat, Pieper Electric’s corporate office experienced lower cooling requirements. This translated into significant savings in energy costs.

Aesthetic Enhancement: The 3M Night Vision 15 window film not only functioned as a practical solution but also improved the building’s aesthetic appeal. The subtle tint added an element of sophistication to the façade.

Employee Satisfaction: Employees at Pieper Electric expressed appreciation for the improved work environment. The reduction in glare, especially, proved beneficial for those working on computer screens.


Pieper Electric’s investment in commercial window tinting has proven to be a resounding success. By partnering with NuVision Window Film & Graphics and opting for 3M Night Vision 15 window film, they have effectively addressed the challenges of heat and glare in their corporate office. This case exemplifies how companies can substantially benefit from embracing energy-efficient and comfort-enhancing solutions, leading to an optimized working environment and cost savings in the long run.

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