A NuVision Case Study: 3M Prestige Film Installation Reduced Heat Gain & Fading in a Muskego, WI Home

Case Study: Reduction of Heat Gain and Fading in a Muskego, WI, Home with 3M Prestige 70

NuVision Window Films, known for its commitment to providing advanced and innovative solutions for window-related issues, was recently commissioned to help a homeowner in Muskego, WI, on Little Muskego Lake. The project’s main objectives were to reduce heat gain and fading caused by excessive sunlight exposure through the property’s large transom and patio doors. The solution implemented was the application of 3M Prestige 70 window film, a high-performance product designed to offer superior heat reduction and fading protection.

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Customer’s Problem

The residence, situated in a beautiful lakefront location, offered breathtaking views and an abundant influx of natural light. However, the abundant sunlight was causing an unwanted increase in internal temperature (heat gain), resulting in higher energy costs due to air conditioning use. Additionally, the intense sunlight exposure was causing fading and damage to the home’s interior, such as furniture, floorings, and wall hangings.

The NuVision Window Films Solution

After thorough consultation and assessment of the home’s needs, NuVision Window Films proposed the application of 3M Prestige 70 window film. This film is renowned for its high-quality UV protection, heat control, and glare reduction, without compromising the aesthetics and transparency of the windows.

Installation Process

The 3M Prestige 70 window film was carefully installed on the home’s large transom and patio doors. The professional team at NuVision Window Films ensured a flawless application, treating every window with precision and care. They prioritized minimizing disruption to the homeowner during the installation process.

Results and Benefits

The application of 3M Prestige 70 window film significantly reduced the heat gain in the property. Post-installation measurements showed a noticeable decrease in internal temperatures, helping cut down the need for air conditioning and thereby reducing energy consumption.

Moreover, the film effectively reduced the damaging UV radiation that causes fading, helping to preserve the condition and color of the interior décor and furnishings. It also enhanced the overall comfort of the home by reducing glare without compromising the breathtaking lake view and natural light that the homeowner valued.

Another benefit that the homeowner appreciated was the film’s nearly invisible appearance. Unlike other types of window treatments, the 3M Prestige 70 did not alter the aesthetic of the home or obstruct the stunning lake views.


The successful implementation of the 3M Prestige 70 window film in the Muskego home reaffirms NuVision Window Films’ expertise in providing tailored, effective solutions to diverse window challenges. By leveraging high-quality products like the 3M Prestige 70 film, NuVision Window Films continues to contribute to the comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetic value of homes, proving that with the right technology and expert application, homeowners can enjoy natural light without the negative effects.

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