Retrofit Security Glazing Systems

Today’s threats aren’t like those of the past. Smash-and-grab, active shooters, vandalism, and other forced entry scenarios can present a threat to personal safety and property alike.

No matter what challenges your property faces, Retrofit Security Glazing Systems prepare you for any threat or eventuality, keeping the glass intact and occupants and assets safe.

NuVision Window Film & Graphics supplies and installs DefenseLite® and BulletShield® which help keep your premises and those within it protected. The advanced technology security glazing system fits seamlessly over existing window and glass entry points to provide an invisible layer of protection between your property and those who might wish to do it harm.

We furnish and install DefenseLite® and BulletShield® over existing glazing systems, providing 250 times more protection than glass alone.

What Type Of Retrofit Security Glazing System Are You Interested In?

Security Glazing Systems

Fortify glass entrances for a nearly impenetrable layer of added protection

Our Retrofit Security Glazing Systems provide a transparent, unobtrusive solution to fortify your glass entrances, windows, and storefronts. This patented technology utilizes proprietary high-optic UV coated polycarbonate shields, vented aluminum extrusions, multi-layer thin films, tough structural adhesives, VHB tapes and security tipped anchors.

DefenseLite is an engineered forced-entry solution that combines the best of materials science with an efficient retrofit installation. Upon impact, this system flexes, absorbs, and deflects energy, protecting glass and keeping intruders on the outside.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to break-ins, vandalism, or active shooter scenarios. Our polycarbonate security panels deliver the protection you deserve.

Round-The-Clock Defense

Our solutions protect your glass while remaining virtually invisible

Our Retrofit Security Glazing Systems stop unwanted entry through glass, protecting your inventory and personnel from theft or vandalism, in addition to your physical premises from glass-related damage.

Unlike grilles and gates, our retrofit glazing solutions allow you to preserve the aesthetic of your building without compromising safety and security. As an added benefit, experience up to 50% reduced sound transfer and protection against infrared and UV rays.

NuVision’s Retrofit Security Glazing Systems are ideal for retail storefronts, hospitals, police and government establishments, commercial buildings, hotels and restaurants, schools and universities, and more. Protect yourself, your associates, and your property today for long-term peace of mind.

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